Ptolemy I Soter                                Warlike, Savior                                                 323-285 B.C.
Berenice I                                          Bringer of Victory 

Ptolemy II Philadelphios                 Warlike, Brotherly love                                    284-246 B.C.
Arsinoe I                                            Uplifted mind
Arsinoe II

Ptolemy III Euergetes                       Warlike, Benefactor                                          246-222 B.C.
Berenice II

Ptolemy IV Philopator                     Lover of his Father                                             222-204 B.C.
Arsinoe III

Ptolemy V Epiphanies                     Divine Manifestation                                          204-180 B.C.
Cleopatra I                                       Glory of her Father  

Ptolemy VI Philometor                    Lover of his Mother                             180-145,164-145 B.C.
Cleopatra II Philometora Soteria     Lover of her Mother, Savior                                                                                  

Ptolemy VIII Euergetes/Physcon    Benefactor, Potbelly            170-163, 145-132, 112- 116 B.C.
Cleopatra II *                                                                                                          131-127 B.C.
Cleopatra III  Philometor Soteira Dikaiosyne Nikerphorus Kokke                            116-101 B.C.

Ptolemy IX Soter                                                                                            116-107, 88-81 B.C.
Cleopatra III*                                                                                                            116-101 B.C.
Cleopatra Selene                                Brightness

Ptolemy X Alexander                        Defender of Mankind                                         107-88 B.C.
Cleapatra III
Cleopatra Selene
Berenice III Phlopater *                    Lover of her father                                                81-80 B.C.

Ptolemy XI Alexander                                                                                                          80 B.C.

Ptolemy XII Auletes Neos Dionysos    Flute player, Son of Dionysus               80-58, 55-51 B.C.
Cleopatra V Tryphaena*                       Magnificent                                                       58-57 B.C.
Berenice IV Epiphania*                        Divine manifestation                                         58-55 B.C.
Cleopatra VI Tryphaena*

Cleopatra VII Thea Philopater*        Father loving goddess                                         51-30 B.C.
Ptolemy XIII                                                                                                                51-38 B.C.
Arsinoe IV*                                                                                                                 48-47 B.C.
Ptolemy XIV                                                                                                                47-44 B.C.
Ptolemy XV Phliopator Philometor Caesar Cesarion                                                    44-30 B.C.


Over a 3000 year period Ancient Egypt was ruled by 33 different Dynasties.

This is the 33rd



The Ptolemaic Period   332-30 B.C.

Egypt is ruled by people of Greek/Macedonian descent 

The 32nd  Dyansty (Macedonian)  332-323 B.C. 

The 33rd Dynasty (Ptolemid)   323-30 B.C.



After the death of Alexander the Great one of his generals, Ptolemy I, seizes control of Egypt.


Many Greek and Macedonian settlers are recruited into the army and government

Greek culture is encouraged.

Egyptian cities and monuments are given Greek names


 The Ptolemies are fascinated with Egyptian religion and culture       

Pictures of the Ptolemies are made in Egyptian style

Ptolemaic rulers are looked upon as divine 

Ptolemies follow the ancient Egyptian custom of rulers intermarrying within the family


Many temples are built for the Egyptian gods

Greek gods become identified with Egyptian gods and are often combined

Egyptian gods are given Greek names


Under the Ptolemid Egypt seizes control of Judea for a time.

There are power struggles with the Seleucid Dynasty


Alexandria becomes a major center of trade, learning, and culture.

The Library of Alexandria is built

The Pharos(Lighthouse) of Alexandria is built  (270 B.C)


Egypt becomes very wealthy but is mostly benefits the monarchy and the Greek officials

Native Egyptians are heavily taxed and exploited.



I've also included the names of queens.

Pharaohs and their queens are placed together

Reigning queens are marked with *



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